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My eyebrow obsession began in 2016 in a little town of Herndon, Va.  I developed an eye for giving women the perfect brow arch that lifted their eyes and wiped years off their looks. It was my personal mission to help women try and regrow their beautiful arches so their brows were full again.

Unfortunately, in some cases, their brow hairs just didn’t grow back after many years of over-tweezing, so I sought out the next best options for my clientele.

Cosmetic tattooing at the time looked very unnatural and too dark, I was a little apprehensive about semi-permanent options until I found Microblading in Serbia. I was able to learn from there. After fews years I was able to create my own technique that created little hair-like strokes in the eyebrows that mimicked the look of natural brows.


LYLY N. the founder CEO of Ly-Brows Inc. After working for over 15 years in the beauty  field, my passion & joy for makeup & skincare led her into transitioning my career to the beauty industry. I have trained with PhiBrows academy in Serbia, a well-known International Microblading school.  Microblading allows me to give women fabulous eyebrows, no matter what they come in with, whether they have sparse, patchy brows, or are even suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy. No problem is too big for me. To date, I have created over 600 sets of eyebrows. I now travel between Alaska and Denver for my brow clientele.

Lyly N. artist and founder of Ly-Brows

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We assist and help our students to develop their personal professionalism - we teach them to actively promote their services, work professionally with creative dedication and get decent results. Therefore, watching their burning eyes and growing their business fast and successfully, has always been our #1 goal.

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